It’s a heartfelt pleasure to be on YouTube again. I am Kaku a guy who left his 09 to 05 job and became a travel lifestyle photographer, now pursuing his new dream being a moto vlogger. I am from Sri Lanka and here onwards you’ll see my journey through Sri Lanka and with time hopefully in other countries too. Though my main purpose is traveling and moto vlogging, I also would share some films, photography POVs & moments of my life. I hope you would enjoy my videos and your support is immense. Thank you for being here 🙂

VLOG 02 : This 12th-century kingdom of Sri Lanka is underrated | Panduwasnuwara

Panduwasnuwara is a kingdom that had a significant role in Sri Lankan history, for some reason it’s neglected today, even there’s no village or town by that name in the map of Sri Lanka. So as I was so curious to know what “Panduwasnuwara” had to offer to our history, I visited this place which was built in the 12th century. If you’re a foreigner or a local I would urge you to visit this place as there are very less visitors to this amazing place.

VLOG 03 : Visiting Sri Lanka’s oldest remaining temple of tooth relic of Lord Buddha

In this vlog I visited the 03rd kingdom of Sri Lanka, Dambadeniya. This kingdom also very neglected and underrated today. Before visiting the kingdom I visited “the oldest remaining temple of tooth relic of Lord Buddha”. Every kingdom had a temple of tooth as preserving the relics of Lord Buddha was a resemblance of a kingship in ancient Sri Lanka. Since the 1st & 2nd kingdom era’s temples of tooth were demolished by the invaders, Dambadeniya era temple became the oldest remaining temple of tooth. Hope you enjoy this vlog and thank you for being here 🙂

VLOG 04 : Visiting the 03rd ancient kingdom of Sri Lanka | Dambadeniya

In my previous video I visited the oldest remaining temple of tooth in Sri Lanka. This belongs to Damabadeniya era, the 03rd kingdom era of Sri Lanka. In this video I visited Dambadeniya rock fortress ,where the palace is. Most of the times tourists & even locals visit Sigiriya, the most popular rock fortress in Sri Lanka BUT avoiding places like Dambadeniya due to the lack of popularity. I visited on a week day and the place was empty, I was the only person there, so I enjoyed it very much, exploring, vlogging & thinking how this place would have been back then, how people stepped on the same stair case I was stepping and so on. I hope you enjoy this video as much as I did. Thank you for being here.

VLOG 05 : Riding to the south coast of Sri Lanka |Colombo to Galle

After a few days later of my Kingdom exploration I am back on the road, but this time I am traveling for work, I am on my way to do a photoshoot in the south coastal side of Sri Lanka, which has been my second home for past 03 and half years. This ride is not new to me, so far it’s the most ridden route in my motorcycle, but this time it’s special because I am sharing it with y’all. Also I really loved the place I stayed in Galle and Sudesh (owner) was fantastic, so I thought why not give him a shoutout : https://www.booking.com/hotel/lk/ocea…

VLOG 06 : A day in my life as a freelance photographer | Food photography

Heyall, how have you been guys ? It took me a while to edit this video, been busy at home with my family & also editing photos etc. So as you know (if you’ve watched my video) I went to the south coastal side of Sri Lanka for a photoshoot and here is some glimpses of that photoshoot day. This was a food photoshoot for one of my previous clients Kixi ; a restaurant & a café with a rooftop bar in the lighthouse street of Galle Dutch fort. I hope you enjoyed this video. Stay tuned for more adventurous videos of me traveling in the Southeast coast of Sri Lanka. As always thank you for being here 🙂

VLOG 07 : Riding 304kms for the first time in my life | South coast to the East coast of Sri Lanka

This is a new chapter of my adventure motorcycling. I rode more than 300kms for the first time in my life. The journey started from Galle, in the southern province of Sri Lanka and my destination was Arugambay, in the Eastern province of Sri Lanka. As this my first time “riding” to Arugambay I was nervous, most of the time my anxiety of encountering a wild elephant or a breaking down my motorcycle kicked in.. but eventually “I MADE IT”, the emotions I had when I reached Arugambay was unexplainable. I loved every bit of the journey even through my anxious mind. The best part of this journey was my ride in between “Lahugala national park”, it was mesmerizing, the sounds of the nature, trees giving me shades above my head, the smell of the trees and the chillness around me gave me goosebumps. Arugmabay is a tourist hub and a surf spot, mostly active during the months of May to October. It is rich with beautiful beaches, wildlife, landscapes, culture & also historical ancient places. I took more than two weeks to edit this, I lost in my mind for a while and got busy with some work, but I hope you enjoy this.


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